Predestinate歌词 DAISHI DANCE/mai在专辑《WONDER Tourism》收录演唱的Predestinate歌曲介绍及网友评价

歌曲Predestinate由歌手(组合):DAISHI DANCE/mai演唱,并被收录到专辑《在专辑《WONDER Tourism》收录》中。接下来我们为大家介绍下歌曲Predestinate以及Predestinate歌词及评论等内容。


[00:32.09]A feeble light, a faint glimmer of hope
[00:39.54]I see you in the dark as if seeking a star
[00:46.89]Where we grew pain
[00:50.80]A cloud of sorrow
[00:54.43]Where a love is reborn
[00:57.33]To sparkle with its joy
[01:01.12]We through our tears all away
[01:05.80]Let me hold your hands
[01:09.65]Everytime, we take the path
[01:16.81]Lead us nowhere
[01:21.70]The destiny lights, to lead us to meet
[04:49.45][01:30.59]Believe in myself
[04:52.58][01:34.00]That I find you, my love
[04:56.30][01:37.72]So I was alone
[05:00.02][01:41.45]Nothing I can lean on
[05:03.75][01:45.27]Solitude in the dark
[05:07.85][01:49.15]We are in journey
[05:11.23][01:52.73]Wander around the wild land
[05:15.22][01:56.46]Trusting what awaits
[05:18.44][01:59.57]Place I have dreamed of, Promise we've made
[05:28.20][02:09.47]Love will find us a way
[02:31.81]Dawn surely comes
[02:35.60]At the end of the tear
[02:39.36]And begin new life here
[02:42.46]Mh hold on together
[02:46.92]The sound of life
[02:50.65]Just like Knocks on the door
[02:54.34]Feeling strength and the warmth
[02:57.49]Want my head lean against
[03:01.16]Embracing heartbeats in your arms
[03:05.12]All it takes us to live
[03:09.77]As we die
[03:13.39]As we are born
[03:16.99]It circle around
[03:21.81]It may lead my way
[03:25.61]And fall in love
[03:30.41]Believe you someday
[03:34.01]Warm my hands, my love
[03:37.69]So I lived with the cold
[03:41.26]Nothing I can lean on
[03:45.07]Solitude in the dark
[05:47.12][03:48.63]Gaze into your eyes
[05:50.77][03:52.70]Rain of scattered petal
[05:54.49][03:56.32]Pause in the air
[05:57.76][03:59.50]Nothing can break us apart
[06:04.17][04:06.20]The two lives
[06:07.66][04:09.50]The String of destiny

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