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Forgot About Dre歌词

[ti:Forgot About Dre]
[ar:Dr Dre]
[lr:Bradford, Mathers, Young]
[co:Dr. Dre]
[00:00.000] 作曲 : Dr. Dre
[00:01.000] 作词 : Bradford, Mathers, Young
[00:11.849]forgot about dre
[00:13.984]Ya'll know me still the same ol'g
[00:16.20]But i been low key
[00:17.44]Hated on by most these ****** with no cheese,no deals and no g's
[00:19.697]No wheels and no keys no boats,no snowmobiles and no ski's
[00:24.776]Mad at me cause i can finally afford to provide my family with groceries
[00:28.329]Got a crib with a studio and it's all full of tracks
[00:30.771]To add to the wall full of plaques
[00:32.602]Hangin'up in the office in back of my house like trophies
[00:35.447]But ya'll think i'm gonna let my dough freeze
[00:37.381]Ho please,you better bow down on both knees
[00:39.770]Who you think taught you to smoke trees
[00:41.599]Who you think brought you the o'g's
[00:43.477]Eazy-e's ice cube's and d.o.c's and snoop d o double g's
[00:46.424]And a group that said mutha**** the police
[00:49.825]Gave you a tape full of **** beats
[00:51.501]The bomb **** stroll through in you hood
[00:53.177]And when your album sales wasn't doin'too good
[00:55.56]Who's the doc that he told you to go see
[00:56.984]Ya'll better listen up closely
[00:58.710]All you ****** that said that i turned pop
[01:00.488]Or the firm flop,ya'll are the reason dre ain't been getting no sleep
[01:03.282]So **** ya'll,all of ya'll
[01:05.876]If ya'll don't like me,blow me
[01:07.808]Ya'll are gonna keep ****in'around with me
[01:09.432]And turn me back to the old me
[01:11.463]Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
[01:13.749]But nothin comes out when they move they lips
[01:15.475]Just a buncha gibberish
[01:16.440]And mutha******s act like they forgot about dre
[01:18.775]Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
[01:20.914]But nothin comes out when they move they lips
[01:22.892]Just a buncha gibberish
[01:23.858]And mutha******s act like they forgot about dre
[01:25.687]So what do you say to somebody you hate
[01:27.565]Or anyone tryna bring trouble your way
[01:29.240]Wanna resolve things in a bloodier way
[01:31.19]Just study your tape of nwa.
[01:32.796]One day i was walkin by
[01:34.472]With a walkman on
[01:35.436]When i caught a guy givin'me an awkward eye
[01:37.314]And strangled him off in the parkin'lot with his karl kani
[01:39.499]I don't give a **** if it's dark or not
[01:41.683]I'm harder than me tryna park a dodge
[01:43.458]But i'm drunk as ****
[01:44.576]Right next to a humungous truck in a two car garage
[01:47.13]Hoppin'out with two broken legs tryna walk it off
[01:48.891]Fack you too ***** call the cops
[01:51.25]I'ma kill you and 'em loud ass mutha****in barkin'dogs
[01:54.376]And when the cops came through
[01:55.697]Me and dre stood next to a burnt down house
[01:57.675]With a can full of gas and a hand full of matches
[01:59.913]And still one found out right here
[02:01.638]From here on out it's the chronic 2
[02:03.313]Startin'today and tomorrow's the new
[02:05.141]And i'm still loco and **** to choke you to death with a charleston chew
[02:08.396]Slim shady hotter then a set of twin babies
[02:11.247]In a mercedes benz with the windows up
[02:12.752]And the temp goes up to the mid 80's Callin men ladies
[02:17.121]Sorry doc but i been crazy
[02:18.903]There is no way that you can save me
[02:20.683]It's ok go with him hailey
[02:37.326]If it was up to me
[02:38.453]You mutha******s would stop comin'up to me
[02:39.997]With your hands out lookin'up to me
[02:41.349]Like you want somethin'free
[02:42.371]When my last cd was out you weren't bumpin me
[02:44.214]But now that i got this little company
[02:45.798]Everybody wanna come to me like it was some disease
[02:47.738]But you won't get a crumb from me
[02:49.307]Cause i'm from the streets of
[02:50.712]I told 'em all
[02:51.650]All little gangstas
[02:53.595]Who you think helped mold 'em all
[02:55.36]Now you wanna run around and talk about guns
[02:56.731]Like i ain't got none
[02:57.673]What you think i sold 'em all
[02:58.965]Cause i stay well off
[02:59.992]Now all i get is hate mail all day sayin'dre fell off
[03:02.353]What,cause i been in the lab with a pen and a pad tryna get this damn label
[03:06.206]I ain't havin that
[03:07.125]This is the millenium of aftermath
[03:08.608]It ain't gonna be nothin'after that
[03:10.304]So give me one more platinum plaque and **** rap you can have it back
[03:13.152]So where's all the mad rappers at
[03:14.771]It's like a jungle in this habitat
[03:16.615]But all you savage cats
[03:17.744]Knew that i was strapped with gats
[03:19.141]When you were cuddled with cabbage patch

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